Four everyday superheroes who transform themselves into the three greatest party & dance bands on the planet: The Afrodisiacs, Mr. Pink and The Spazmatics!

About Us

The Afrodisiacs

Grab those wigs, bell-bottom pants and platform shoes and get ready to Boogie-Oogie all night long to your favorite old-school disco funk jams from the 70's.

KC and the Sunshine band, Earth, Wind and Fire, The Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang and more...

The Afrodisiacs have earned their title as "The Kings of Disco'! 

Mr. Pink

Covering five decades of music, Mr. Pink performs everything from Lady Ga Ga to No Doubt, to Jonas Brothers to Usher, produced with a Millennial mash-up remix flair. The show can be expanded to include multiple dancers, percussionist, and DJ producing a high energy house party extravaganza. So make sure you check out Mr. Pink asap and “Dance like your life depends on it!”

The Spazmatics

All the awesome sounds, styles, and way cool dance steps from the 1980’s decade we’d love to forget. Complete with skinny ties, Brill Creamed hair, and horn-rimmed glasses, The Spazmatics recapture all the best of the worst. Outstanding musicianship combined with creative flair and style makes for an evening of pure energy and entertainment. So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999; only it’s not! 

Band Calendar

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